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*FREE Shipping on all (Australian) Unframed print orders*
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About Me

I have always loved drawing, painting, sewing, creating, making and learning. Even if I didn't know how to do something I would always give it a go. 
Not much has changed. 
As a lifelong learner, educator and self-taught artist I have always loved the opportunity to paint and capture my everyday experiences, memories and adventures. 

For over twenty years I have been teaching as a classroom and Visual Arts teacher with NSW Public Schools. I have loved the journey and have learnt so much. In 2019, I began to focus on my artwork and painting. As my confidence grew and my wonderful and supportive friends and family purchased and requested pieces this new adventure evolved and I am grateful. 

I live in Sydney's east coast and love painting and sharing my most favourite places through landscapes.

My approach to each piece is constantly evolving as I continue to learn. I hope each painting gives people a sense of joy, happiness, light, colour, and connection.  

To see what I'm up to daily and recent works, please go to and follow @aileenandersonart on instagram. 

Thanks for visiting!

Aileen x 

"Margaret Woodsmith - Founder of the Randwick International Women's Art Prize"
Winner - Portraits 
Randwick Art Society's 14th Annual Art, Photography & Craft Exhibition 2024 
"This Never Get's Old"
Winner - Miniatures
Randwick Art Society 14th Annual Art, Photography & Craft Exhibition 2024

Coogee Sunrise By Aileen Anderson

"Coogee Sunrise"

Winner - Landscape/Seascape Prize 

 Randwick Art Society 12th Annual Art and Photography Exhibition 2022

 "Between The Lines' - Second Place

2022 Randwick International Women's Art Prize

'South of the Barrio - Beach St, Coogee NSW'

'South of the Barrio - Beach St Coogee NSW' -

Finalist WWAS 9 x 5" Landscape Prize 2021

'Sherbert Shores'

'Best in Show' Randwick Art Society 

11th Annual Art, Craft and Photography Exhibition 2021.

'Barrio - Beach St Coogee'

'Barrio - Beach St, Coogee NSW' - 

Finalist WWAS 9 x 5" Landscape Prize 2020